Mag Instrument And The Maglite® Flashlight – A History

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11Every flashlight made by Mag Instrument, Inc., represents one man’s abiding commitment to product quality, and to the cause of keeping flashlight-industry manufacturing jobs in America.

A champion of free enterprise and U.S.-based manufacturing, Anthony Maglica is the president of Mag Instrument, Inc. and the creator of the MAGLITE® flashlight, now an icon of classic American design.

Armed with only his talent, his determination and his reverence for hard work, Tony Maglica set out in pursuit of the American Dream when he founded Mag Instrument in 1955. When he went on to design and manufacture a product that revolutionized an industry, he realized that Dream in full. In his ongoing pursuit of innovative technology, quality products, design and the customer service to back them up, Mr. Maglica has found a strategy that not only creates worldwide demand for his own company’s products, but can also, he believes, help other American companies to build worldwide demand for their products while preserving American manufacturing jobs.

Humble Beginnings

Conceived in New York City amid the Great Depression, Tony Maglica was brought up in his mom’s local Croatia. He was a little youngster when his mom chose to come back to Croatia with the goal that he could be raised near her crew. In 1950, with the nation in the remains of World War II and Communists in control, Tony got away back to America. Here he set out to benefit as much as possible from his preparation as a trial mechanical engineer, however he talked no English. He taught himself a couple words a day while taking livelihood where he could discover it, and worked for himself in what should be his off hours. Still it was a battle to spare any cash . At last he figured out how to spare $125, the initial installment on his first machine. So started Tony Maglica’s journey for the American Dream: There in his one-man machine shop in a Los Angeles range carport, he realized that his days of working for other individuals were behind him. He was, finally, in business for himself.

Mr. Maglica started by assembling exactness parts for industry, aviation and the military. He immediately earned a notoriety for quality, proficiency and creativity. Mag Instrument was in the long run joined in 1974. At that point, Mr. Maglica had obviously shown his imaginative methods for cutting creation costs and expanding quality. Consistent change is an ability that keeps on staying with his in front of the opposition. Mr. Maglica set up a hands-on authority style, and in addition a center business rationality of consolidating predominant nature of all Mag items with unparalleled client administration.


Lighting The Path To Success

As his organization developed, Mr. Maglica set his sights on planning and fabricating an as good as ever electric lamp. At first focused for people in general wellbeing segment, the Maglite® electric lamp was presented in 1979. Cops, firefighters and mechanics rapidly spread the news about this rough, solid anodized aluminum electric lamp, which would change the versatile lighting industry until the end of time. Focused on item development and refinement, Mr. Maglica caught up the achievement of the MAGLITE® electric lamp with the Maglite® Best Rechargeable Flashlight System™, a standout amongst the most intense rechargeable spotlights of its size. The Mini MAGLITE® AA electric lamp was dispatched in 1984 and set another standard for individual size spotlights. A littler AAA-Cell rendition of the Mini MAGLITE® spotlight, perfect for some mechanical and therapeutic applications, was presented in 1987; and the Solitaire® single AAA-Cell electric lamp, intended for keychains and handbags, was presented in 1988.

Regularly alluded to as “A Work of Art That Works®”, the MAGLITE® and Mini MAGLITE® electric lamps have been regarded by the Japan Institute of Design and by the Museum for Applied Art in Germany. Fortune and Money magazines positioned Mag Instrument® items among the main 100 items that “America makes best”. In 1996, the Wall Street Journal alluded to the Maglite® spotlight as “the Cadillac of electric lamps”, and cited then-CEO of Apple Computer Gilbert F. Amelio as saying he needed Apple to be “basically the MAGL

Extension And Innvation

300px-MaglitesHeadquartered in Ontario, California, since 1982, Mag Instrument now has a few hundred workers and possesses more than 700,000 square feet of space, including its industrial facility, workplaces and principle dispersion focus.

New items are always a work in progress at Mag Instrument, however they are presented just when Mr. Maglica is by and by fulfilled that their configuration and execution are dependent upon Mag Instrument principles. Meanwhile, he has a lot of different hobbies to involve his time, including building a natural recovery plant in Zlarin, Croatia, where he grew up. From Mr. Maglica’s adolescence home to the origination of his prosperity, this nationalist and specialist keeps on championing and represent the gifts of free undertaking.

Our Philosophy Our

Mag Instrument is devoted to the most astounding norms of honesty. We look for execution and a notoriety mirroring the absolute best we can accomplish.

Every Mag Instrument electric lamp speaks to a perfection of many years of examination, advancement and nonstop best in class refinement in each exactness highlight. Mag Instrument is glad to be a U.S.A. Producer.

We trust the soul and character of the organization is most unmistakably characterized and communicated by our originator, proprietor and president Anthony Maglica. Every electric lamp is a consequence of his fixation on fine building, craftsmanship and his dedication to flawlessness. An exploratory mechanical engineer via preparing and an assembling trend-setter by practice, Mr. Maglica has guided his organization’s development from an one-man machine shop in 1955 to an undertaking that utilizes more than 800 committed representatives today. In any case, his work does not stop there. Mr. Maglica proceeds with his dedication to quality by consistently enhancing the item that bears his name.

Mag Instrument is glad to be a pioneer in the present renaissance in American producing. Mr. Maglica himself, an intense devotee to the significance of assembling in the United States, demands that Mag remain a U.S.A. Producer. He has committed himself to demonstrating that American items can exceed expectations in the worldwide commercial center by utilizing innovation to persistently enhance quality and decrease costs. In the course of the most recent two decades, Mr. Maglica’s advancements have empowered Mag Instrument to offer customers a reliably preferred worth over the opposition.

Quatily Leds

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High-power-MR16-4W-LED-spotlights.Use-high-quality-LEDs-and-LED-drivers-.1-3years-warratnyDriven is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode – an exceptional sort of semiconductor that was at first used to supplant standard lights in right on time electronic hardware, later advancing to shopper gadgets as VCR and mini-computer showcases. In the previous decade, huge advances have been made in LED innovation, with today’s powerful white tint LED’s generally utilized as a part of car/bike lighting, flying, tablets and TVs, and even home lighting. Driven innovation is quick supplanting more seasoned brilliant advancements.

ED technologie die verlichting richting de toekomst stuurt.
Quality LEDs verdeelt producten en toebehoren van de merken QLEDs, Actec en Meanwell. Al onze producten staan voor hoogwaardige kwaliteit en mooi design.
Ons gamma focust op indirecte sfeerverlichting en downlights voor allerlei interieuroplossingen, zowel in commerciële of publieke ruimtes als in privétoepassingen.
Bent U als professional geïnteresseerd in een samenwerking met Quality Leds, aarzel dan niet ons te contacteren via het contactformulier.
Quality LEDs is de oplossing voor elk LED verlichtingsproject op maat!

The LED advantage…

Vitality investment funds

cmlitDriven’s believer around 20% of their data power into light vitality, contrasted with customary glowing globules which by and large just change over around 2% of their info power into light. Therefore, LED innovation offers phenomenal vitality investment funds over contending choices, making it a financially savvy " and ecologically neighborly answer for present day light-discharging gadgets.

Quality LEDs is gespecialiseerd in het operation maat afwerken van al haar Q Strips en Q Profielen.
Bovenop de technische transparantie, telefonisch advies en ondersteuning ter plaatse, geven wij U als proficient de administration bite the dust U verdient.
Daarom ontwikkelde QLEDs als enige operation de markt een stage waar haar klanten indirecte verlichting operation maat kunnen bestellen.
De Q Profielen worden tot operation de cm voor U gemaakt.
De Q Strips worden tot operation het gewenste PCB fragment (6cm-8cm) ingekort en (indien gewenst) voorzien van een tweede voedingskabel. Deze voedingskabel kan dan operation zijn plaats aangepast worden naar de gewenste lengte.


The guideline behind ordinary radiant innovation depends on electrons going through a tungsten fiber, bringing about the fiber to create temperatures of up to 2500 Celsius, with light vitality simply a result of this procedure. Because of this characteristically wasteful configuration, radiant knobs quickly disintegrate and wear out after around 1000 hours of utilization. LED’s, then again, work on a completely distinctive standard, keeping in mind they do require particular segments to accomplish greatest shine, a working lifespan up to 50,000 hours is conceivable, with a slow blurring of brilliance as opposed to moment wear out.


Because of the nonattendance of a fragile fiber and slender glass globule, LEDs can withstand stun and vibration a long ways past that endured by radiant lights making them perfect for tough and requesting applications.

Snappy Activation

A brilliant knob by and large takes around 100-300 milliseconds to light up once initiated, while a LED needs just a couple nanoseconds,giving it a critical favorable position in very requesting applications.

De HIGH POWER Serie van QLEDs is een selectie Strips bite the dust U toelaat projecten met veeleisende lichtopbrengst af te werken in de beste prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding.

De Q HP Strips worden zorgvuldig geselecteerd operation duurzaamheid, lichtopbrengst, kleurbehoud, en warmtehuishouding. De HIGH POWER strips zijn veelzijdig inzetbaar: interieurverlichting, etalages, hoofdverlichting, meubelbouw, beurzenstandbouw, car, …

Bij deze strips is de keuze van beschermingsgraad uiterst belangrijk. IP onbeschermde strips zullen een betere warmtehuishouding hebben en derhalve ook een langere levensduur met beter kleurbehoud. De HP strips dienen om bovenstaande reden ook altijd operation een thermisch geleidend oppervlak geplaatst te worden (metaal/aluminum: zie profielen).

Ze beschikken over A-klasse SMD 3528 of SMD 5050 LEDs ( Epistar of Brightek)

Het volledige gamma is te bekijken na registrati

SYSMAX’s Proprietary LED Technology…

HTB1SN9PHpXXXXbVapXXq6xXFXXXbSYSMAX’s exceptionally effective, ultra dependable restrictive LED drive circuit assumes a vital part in proficiently exchanging battery energy to the LED. Thus, all SYSMAX items have uncommon yield and long runtimes in examination to contending items. While the dominant part of LEDbased electric lamp/individual lighting items available today experience the ill effects of ceaselessly declining yield, SYSMAX items can keep up steady high yield until battery wear.

Na registratie kunnen onze merchants by means of onze online LEDCREATOR© de gewenste lengtes ingeven. Deze kunnen afgedrukt en gebruikt worden als offerte of onmiddellijk doorgestuurd worden als bestelling. Momenteel staat de LEDCREATOR© in testfase maar weldra klaar voor discharge!
Ons maatwerk wordt gedaan entryway experts, met professioneel materiaal in een daarvoor voorzien atelier.
Onze missie is: LED verlichting operation maat voor elke toepassin


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s-l300Batteries can be sorted into 3 classes: lithium-particle battery, nickel–metal hydride battery and antacid battery.
A lithium-particle battery (infrequently Li-particle battery or LIB) is a group of rechargeable battery sorts in which lithium particles move from the negative terminal to the positive cathode amid release, and back while charging. Science, execution, expense, and wellbeing qualities shift crosswise over LIB sorts. Dissimilar to lithium essential batteries (which are dispensable), lithium-particle electrochemical cells utilize an intercalated lithium compound as the cathode material rather than metallic lithium.


Lithium-particle batteries are basic in shopper gadgets. They are a standout amongst the most prevalent sorts of rechargeable battery for compact hardware, with one of the best vitality densities, no memory impact, and just a moderate loss of charge when not being used. Past customer hardware, LIBs are additionally developing in prominence for military, electric vehicle, and aviation applications. Examination is yielding a surge of enhancements to conventional LIB innovation, concentrating on vitality thickness, strength, cost, and inborn wellbeing.

Soluble batteries are a sort of essential batteries subordinate upon the response in the middle of zinc and manganese dioxide(Zn/MnO2). A rechargeable soluble battery permits reuse of exceptionally outlined cells.
Contrasted and zinc-carbon batteries of the Leclanché or zinc chloride sorts, soluble batteries have a higher vitality thickness and more timeframe of realistic usability, with the same voltage. Catch cell silver-oxide batteries have higher vitality thickness and limit additionally higher expense than comparable size soluble cells.
The basic battery gets its name on the grounds that it has an antacid electrolyte of potassium hydroxide, rather than the acidic ammonium chloride or zinc chloride electrolyte of the zinc-carbon batteries. Other battery frameworks likewise utilize soluble electrolytes, yet they utilize distinctive dynamic materials for the anodes.


3A nickel–metal hydride cell, curtailed NiMH or Ni-MH, is a sort of rechargeable battery. It is fundamentally the same to the nickel–cadmium cell (Ni-Cd). NiMH use positive cathodes of nickel oxyhydroxide (Ni-OOH), like the Ni-Cd, yet the negative terminal uses a hydrogen-retaining compound rather than cadmium. A NiMH battery can have a few times the limit of an equal size Ni-Cd, and their vitality thickness approaches that of a lithium-particle cell.
The commonplace particular vitality for little NiMH cells is around 100 Wh/kg, and for bigger NiMH cells around 75 Wh/kg (270 kJ/kg). This is essentially superior to the ordinary 40–60 Wh/kg for Ni–Cd, and like the 100-160 Wh/kg for Li-particle. NiMH has a volumetric vitality thickness of around 300 Wh/L (1080 MJ/m³), essentially superior to anything nickel–cadmium at 50–150 Wh/L, and about the same as li-particle at 250-360 Wh/L.

NiMH batteries have substituted Ni-Cd for some parts, remarkably little rechargeable batteries. NiMH batteries are exceptionally basic for AA (penlight-size) batteries, which have ostensible charge limits (C) running from 1100 mAh to 3100 mAh at 1.2 V, measured at the rate that releases the cell in five hours. Helpful release limit is a diminishing capacity of the release rate, yet up to a rate of around 1×C (full release in 60 minutes), it doesn’t contrast altogether from the ostensible limit.

NiMH batteries ordinarily work at 1.2 V for every cell, fairly lower than traditional 1.5 V cells, yet will work most gadgets intended for that voltage.

Around 22% of versatile rechargeable batteries sold in Japan in 2010 were Ni-MH. In Switzerland in 2009, the identical measurement was roughly 60%. This rate has fallen after some time because of the increment in production of Li-particle batteries: in 2000, half of all versatile rechargeable batteries sold in Japan were NiMH.

One noteworthy burden of NiMH batteries is a high rate of self-release; a Ni-HM battery will lose as much as 3% of its charge for each week of capacity. In 2005 a low self-release NiMH battery (LSD) was produced. LSD Ni-MH batteries essentially bring down self-release, yet at the expense of bringing down lim.

Types of batteries


3. Notes about battery

duracell-daylite-2All rechargeable battery’s voltage are 3.7V-4.2V.If batteries are arrangement associated, the aggregate voltage ought to be included. On the off chance that batteries are paralleled-associated, the aggregate voltage stays 3.7V-4.2V. (Note: TM11 utilizes 4 18650 batteries and its aggregate voltage is 4.2V. In the event that utilizes 8 CR123 batteries, the aggregate voltage will be 6 V.(Due as far as possible, TM11 can’t utilize RCR123 battery.)

All non-rechargeable batteries’ voltage are 3V.

Antacid batteries’ voltage are1.5V,Ni-MH batteries’ are 1.2V.

Spotlight’s splendor is liable to battery voltage.

Battery Type transformation :AA=14500,CR123A=16340,CR123A*2=18650。(Note:14500 Li-particle battery is not material to our items which utilize 2.

How do you determine the right flashlight for you?

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Pillar separation. How far the light ought to augment absolutely relies on upon your undertakings and points. On the off chance that you are searching for a strategic or hunt and save electric lamp, a high bar separation will be applicable to you. On the off chance that you are searching for an EDC or open air electric lamp, pillar separation isn’t so fundamental.

Sort of bar. You can’t choose what bar do you require? To begin with, how about we figure out what sorts of shaft exist. Electric lamps with a surge shaft are a decent decision for enlightenment of expansive territories at short separations. Electric lamps with a spot bar are surprising for a restricted and centered pillar, which is perfect for brightening of little regions at long separations.

Field of utilization is additionally of critical significance. Long range spot bars are most appropriate for pursuit and salvage operations, firefighting and chasing. Surge shafts are an incredible alternative for general home repair, perusing, car work and numerous different exercises.

led_flashlight_without_batteriesBattery sort. One more fundamental part of selecting a decent spotlight. At first choose whether you need a rechargeable or a non-rechargeable battery. On the off chance that you will utilize the spotlight a few times each week, for work or distinctive day by day assignments, it bodes well to procure high-limit rechargeable batteries. In the event that you plan to utilize your spotlight infrequently (for uncommon assignments or if there should be an occurrence of power outage), it’ more sensible to get less expensive non-rechargeable batteries.

How about we begin with AA/AAA batteries. You can without much of a stretch discover them in any nearby shop. They are generally accessible, helpful and shabby. In any case, you ought to realize that they don’t have timeframe of realistic usability and the runtime of lithium batteries.

Expendable lithium batteries (for instance, CR123A) have a more drawn out runtime and working life yet they are more costly too. Be that as it may it’s entirely reasonable – they are lighter, give higher execution at low temperatures (- 40° to 140°F), more prominent vitality stockpiling and yield. Thus you get a brighter and more enduring light. Besides, lithium batteries are less inclined to spill and erode the electric lamp. It’s an ideal option for the individuals who store the light for drawn out stretches of time without use.

Rechargeable Li-Particle batteries are the best power hotspot for fantastic Drove electric lamps, which are prominent for long time span of usability and runtime and the accommodation of being rechargeable. A definitive point of interest is that you’ll never be out of batteries. You can utilize revive one battery up to 500 times.

Characterize how as often as possible and to what extent you will utilize the electric lamp and it won’t be an issue for you to pick the best power source.

Size and weight. It relies on upon your individual inclination. Electric lamps of little size and light weight will dependably be with you – in a pocket, a sack or on a key ring. Electric lamps of bigger measurements can be put in the glove compartment, a knapsack or settled on a belt. It would be ideal if you take note of that a spotlight’s size generally relies on upon its battery sort, sort of pillar and extent of use.

Mini-Flashlight-ZOOM-7W-Waterproof-LED-light-3-Modes-Zoomable-LED-Torch-AA-14500-battery-Flashlight.jpg_640x640Practical capacities. It’s a standout amongst the most significant elements to consider. A few electric lamps have one and only brilliance mode. Others have four levels of shine or considerably more. In specific electric lamps modes are changed by a head turn, others have a pushbutton switch. It ought to be called attention to that with diverse modes you can shift brilliance as well as the runtime what is significantly more essential now and again.

Keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend what usefulness you truly need, consider how frequently you will utilize the electric lamp and under what circumstances. For instance, Strobe is a flawless strategic mode and SOS is a sort of amazing mode that you may use if there should be an occurrence of crisis.

One of the most recent upgrades in electric lamp innovation is the presence of programmable lights or lights with cutting edge control. In the event that you are an accomplished client, such sort of spotlight is simply a good fit for you.

When you answer every one of these inquiries, you will comprehend effortlessly what sort of electric lamp you really require – whether it ought to be huge and overwhelming or little and light. These tips assume a noteworthy part in deciding how brilliant the light ought to be, the means by which far it ought to enlighten, what battery it ought to utilize and what capacities

About the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard

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Why Create Standards

As of late, a requirement for a standard execution stage for the electric lamp industry was perceived. The nonattendance of a predictable execution standard has made it hard to give practically identical item guarantees and successfully convey highlights and advantages, which buyers use to choose the right spotlight for their particular needs. Our exploration shows a reliable execution stage would be very useful to offer clients some assistance with making the right determination while picking an electric lamp.

Also, the class is changing quickly as new organizations and items enter the business sector. Electric lamp innovation has drastically changed and buyers are enthusiastic to take in more about these new problematic advances.

Current organizations, for example, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), don’t give execution benchmarks to spotlights, so significant retailer’s that utilize testing firms are asking for direction.

Electric lamp Standards

To react to this need, 14 well known spotlight organizations worked together to compose a standard. They incorporated the accompanying items: hand-held/compact electric lamps, spotlights, and headlamps.

The ANSI/NEMA FL 1 Standard has been endorsed and incorporates six measures. Every measure is characterized, has a test methodology determined, and has a related symbol to use for cases. Standard endorsement included voters speaking to three gatherings: 1) producers, 2) clients, and 3) general hobbies – one gathering can’t speak to more than half of the aggregate confirming vote.

Here is data that is known from open sources. Execution of electric lamps is measured utilizing new batteries included with the light when acquired or, if no batteries are incorporated, the batteries prescribed by the bundling. There are six criteria utilize:


ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

These measures are licensed by ANSI, which is a private non-benefit association that supervises the improvement of willful agreement models for items, administrations, procedures, frameworks, and faculty in the United States. The association likewise facilitates U.S. guidelines with worldwide gauges so American items can be utilized internationally.

The IP Code (or Ingress Protection Rating, now and then additionally translated as International Protection Rating) comprises of the letters IP took after by two digits or one digit and one letter and a discretionary letter. As characterized in global standard IEC 60529, IP Code orders and rates the degrees of security gave against the interruption of strong articles (counting body parts like hands and fingers), dust, incidental contact, and water in mechanical housings and with electrical walled in areas. The standard expects to give clients more itemized data than unclear promoting terms, for example, waterproof. On the other hand, no version of the standard is transparently distributed for unlicensed perusers.

The digits (trademark numerals) demonstrate congruity with the conditions outlined in the tables beneath. Where there is no security rating as to one of the criteria, the digit is supplanted with the letter X.

Fluid entrance security

Security of the hardware inside the walled in area against unsafe entrance of water.


Normally speaking, IPX-7 rating can satisfy usual outdoor sports requirements.

Color Temperature

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Incand-3500-5500-color-temp-comparisonOrdinarily speaking, LED electric lamps’ shading temperature can be separated into white light (around 6500K shading temperature), nonpartisan white (around 4000k) and warm white(about 3000K).Why do we need to make such division ? To answer such question, we have to think about what is called “shading rendering”. Shading rendering, communicated as a rating from 0 to 100 on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), depicts how a light source makes the shade of an article appear to human eyes and how well inconspicuous varieties in shading shades are uncovered. The higher the CRI rating is, the better its shading rendering capacity. An elite white-light LED spotlight’s CRI is around 75 %( higher the shading temperature, bring down the CRI), while great unbiased white electric lamp and warm-white spotlights’ CRI are around 80%.

What are these figures implied for us? For example, in ferocity, solid light electric lamp’s splendor is sufficiently high to distinguish subjects’ form, yet subjects’ points of interest and degree require great CRI to perceive. That is to say “Splendor” alone can recognize subject form. Be that as it may, with regards to judging subjects’ shading, points of interest and degree, it requires a base CRI of 75% (If visual obstruction and adjustment avoided, 135% is required.) to tackle a 100% shading rendering light source’s subtle element impact. That is the reason we generally seek after a higher CRI.

The brightening standards of white light LED goes like this: electron experiences chips to discharge blue light, and afterward it energizes fluorescent powder to emanate yellow light, at long last the two light consolidated into white lights. Yellow light ‘s CRI is higher than blue light, thusly to raise the extent of yellow light can lift CRI.From this point, the hotter the light shading, the higher the CRI and more suitable for outside games. Plus, warm light’s low shading temperature and long wavelength permitting it further infiltration capacity in stormy and foggy climate. That is the reason outside games requires warm shading LED electric lamp.

On the other side, the effectiveness of energized fluorescence is low, warm white light’s aggregate brilliance will be much lower with a more diminish light shading. The pillar will “color” the anticipated subjects as though it is lit up by little power glowing light. Extensively talking, impartial white light LED items are the right decision for open air sports which has fulfilling shading rendering and infiltration capacity, as well as maintain a strategic distance from genuine splendor diminish and passing on issue.

Precision Digitai Optics

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With numerous years of involvement in spotlight optical outline, SYSMAX’s specially designed high-effectiveness compound reflectors guarantee each electric lamp radiates an adjusted pillar profile of both surge and toss with negligible loss of light. All SYSMAX reflectors are ensured by AR-covered, against scratch mineral glass lenses.

Electric lamp reflector

Like a residential lampshade, these reflectors are altered to a simulated light source (for instance, a fiber globule or streak tube) to coordinate and shape the generally scattered light, reflecting it off their inward internal surfaces and guiding it towards the scene to be shot. In spite of the fact that there are countless, the most widely recognized sorts are:

  1. round, short-sided, giving a moderately wide spread of light;
  2. allegorical, giving a more tightly, parallel light emission.

The reflector variable is the proportion of the enlightenment gave by a light fitted inside of a reflector to the brightening gave with no reflector fitted. A matte reflector will regularly have a reflector variable of around 2, because of its more diffuse impact, while a cleaned or metallic-completed reflector might have a component of up to 6.

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